Fifty Years of ‘Textile History’: Cloth, Dress, Fashion

Pasold Rearch Fund Conference 2018
November 16th
Museum of London

In 1968 the Pasold Research Fund launched the Journal Textile History. Today Textile History is one of the leading academic journals in the field of the history of textile, dress, design and fashion. To mark the journal’s 50th anniversary, the Fund has gathered a group of international scholars and new researchers to reflect on the changes that the broad field of textile history has experienced in the past five decades, its changing themes and problems and its contribution to other fields of research ranging from curatorship, to conservation, histories of art, design, fashion and dress.

The 2018 Pasold conference will be held at the Museum of London and will comprise two panels, the first reflecting on the evolution of textile history as a field of enquiry and of Textile History as a journal over the past 50 years. The second panel will showcase new research by PhD students and Postdocs working in the field and will discuss current and future directions, access to source material, new topics, and new methodologies in textile history.

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